Sigi3 is a system of interactive guidance and information Ball State offers for students to help them discover what careers they can pursue by looking at their values, interests, personality, and skills.


  • Contribution to Society

  • Security


  • Arts and Humanities

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences


  • Artistic

  • Social

  • Conventional

MyPlan Values

Three more values I have in the work place:

  • Achievement - feelings of accomplishment from the best of my abilities

  • Support - a competent, considerate, and fair management

  • Relationships - friendly and supportive co-workers, keeping personal morals 

Interest Profiler

My interests match my personality regarding Sigi3:

  • Artistic - work that deals with the artistic side of things like acting, music, art, and design.

  • Social - work with others to help them learn and grow. Work with people more than working with objects, machines, and information.

  • Conventional - work that follows set procedures and routines. Work with information and paying attention to details.